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tipsRO is a new open access journal publishing research in technical innovations and patient support in radiation oncology. Furthering ESTRO’s mission to foster the role of radiation oncology to improve the care of patients with cancer, the journal offers radiation therapists, nurses and allied health professionals a rapid route for the publication of original research, case reports, practice development and health evaluation articles, reviews, short communications, technical notes and correspondence.

The Editor-in-Chief of tipsRO, Michelle Leech (Republic of Ireland), ensures that all manuscripts are peer-reviewed rigorously and rapidly, with the assistance of an internationally respected Editorial Board.

tipsRO is an open access journal. Upon acceptance of a paper, the authors will be asked to meet the cost of publication through an article publication fee. The paper will be published open access following payment of the fee. All members of ESTRO are eligible for a discounted fee.

The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board invite you to submit your work today!

For more information, or to submit a paper, please contact tipsro@elsevier.com.

Issue Highlights

  • Marie-Louise Möllerberg, Ulrica Langegård, Birgitta Johansson, Emma Ohlsson-Nevo, Per Fransson, Karin Ahlberg, Petra Witt-Nyström, Katarina Sjövall
    Vol. 19, p11–17
  • Michelle Tennant, Nigel Anderson, George J. Youssef, Laura McMillan, Renae Thorson, Greg Wheeler, Maria C. McCarthy
    Vol. 19, p18–25
  • Coen Hurkmans, Cindy Duisters, Mieke Peters-Verhoeven, Liesbeth Boersma, Karolien Verhoeven, Nina Bijker, Koen Crama, Tonnis Nuver, Maurice van der Sangen
    Vol. 19, p26–32
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    Call for Papers for Special Issue on Advanced Practice (guest edited by Nicole Hornett and Yatman Tsang):

    Task shifting is a Health Human Resource (HHR) strategy where a professional group generally requires less training and fewer qualifications to expand their scopes of practice to close gaps with another professional group that requires longer training, in order to tackle a bottleneck in the delivery of high quality and timely care to patients.

    For the purposes of streamlining workflows and generating system efficiencies in radiotherapy (RT), this task delegation concept has been explored under the umbrella of ‘advanced practice’ (AP). It often involves with the implementation of radiation therapist (RTT) advanced practice by making the best use of existing scopes of practice and enhancing the potential of novel roles in RT patient pathways.

    In this tipsRO special issue of advanced practice in RT, we are seeking manuscripts showcasing how these task-shifting, advanced RT practice initiatives are impacting effectiveness and efficiency in the radiation oncology domain.

    Submit your papers by 30th September 2020 here: https://www.editorialmanager.com/tipsro/default.aspx

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